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Laboratory Vacuum Filters,
Bottle Top Aspirators

Laboratory Vacuum Filters, Bottle Top Aspirators

Lab Filtration and Purification Systems

TransGlobal Scientific offers lab vacuum filters (bottle top aspirators) for separation and purification of large volume samples. Choices of membrane material include MCE, PVDF, Nylon and PES. These quality filters feature a wide bottle opening for easy access and pouring. All filters are discounted up to 62% with simple, secure online ordering.

All TGSI vacuum filters have engraved graduations to ensure accuracy, gamma irradiated and certified non-pyrogenic. They also feature large knurls on the reservoir cap for easy opening and the hose connector fits multiple hose diameters. Each receiver bottle cap is individually wrapped; units are printed with lot numbers for ease of identification.

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Vacuum Filter Membrane Material Quick Selection Guide

  • MCE (mixed cellulose ester) – used in the filtration of aqueous solutions and effectively binds trace proteins.
  • PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) – extremely low protein-binding, for filtration of non-aggressive aqueous and mild organic solutions, or where maximizing protein recovery is important.
  • Nylon – Provides a broad range of chemical compatibility for the filtration of either aqueous or organic solvents; hydrophobic; and can be used in a broad pH range.
  • PES (polyethersulfone) – low-affinity for proteins and extractable with a substantially faster flow rates than PVDF; suitable for pre-filtration and filtration of buffers and culture media.